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Price list of legal services

When determining the remuneration for the provision of legal services, the rules laid down in the Act on Advocacy and the Attorney's Tariff are fully respected. The remuneration is usually determined by mutual agreement, while its amount and method is adapted to the client's capabilities, taking into account the complexity of the services provided and their volume. In the case of foreign clients, the fee for legal services can also be paid in EUR. The reward can be set as:


the most commonly used method of determining remuneration, depending on the number of hours of legal services provided and a fixed amount per hour of such provided legal services. The price per hour is 2,500 - 3,000 CZK

for the act

depending on the number of actions that will be taken in a given matter and fixed amounts for one action


determination of a regular monthly amount, when it can be assumed that this method of negotiating remuneration for legal services will be negotiated in cases of longer-term mutual cooperation


a fixed amount for the comprehensive settlement of a certain case


according to the outcome of the dispute and the amount awarded

Out-of-pocket expenses and VAT in the legal amount are added to all types of rewards. A reasonable deposit is usually required before providing legal services.

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